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The building consists of 2 entrances and 59 apartments. The facade is covered with brick and travertine stone. The elevator fully meets the requirements for safe operation of elevators, it can lift one and a half tone and the depth is 2 m. There is a wooden grating built into the balconies. Dark brown, high quality plastic doors and windows are used. The building has been built in full compliance with the new fire safety norms. There is an inner yard in the building, with the infrastructure for children and both outdoor and indoor parking space.

Environment - The building is located in a healthy (green) ecologically clean environment, has beautiful views of the river Mtkvari and Ortachala hills, as well as the views of the city. The distance to the city center is 3 km.

Location - Isani, Lertsami Street # 1 (beginning of Gabriel Salosi Avenue, near the supermarket "Fresco").

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